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Writing Generator Functions in C++

19th November, 2023

Many languages have the ability to let you create generators: a function that can be called multiple times, picking up where it left off and returning a different value each time. Unfortunately C++ does not give you this functionality, however that doesn’t mean that we can’t implement it ourselves.

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How to Perform an Unbuffered Query in Laravel

26th September, 2023

If you wish to process a very large number of rows from a database then it may be prohibitively expensive to load them all into memory first. Laravel’s chunk() function may look like the solution however this performs a query for each chunk and is therefore extremely slow.

The ideal solution is to disable query buffering and thereby only ever have a single row in memory at once. Note that this option is specific to the MySQL PDO driver.

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How to Mock a Library with NodeJS, TypeScript, and Jest

18th September, 2023

The ability to provide a mock implementation of functionality is essential to unit testing, however the method for doing so with Jest and TypeScript is not well documented. This tutorial aims to elucidate the method for mocking a JavaScript library that is loaded into your TypeScript project. This is demonstrated with the ws WebSocket library but applies equally to any library, including built-in NodeJS modules.

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OpenTelemetry Null Span Exporter

24th August, 2023

The OpenTelemetry C++ implementation ships with several exporters for outputting your recorded traces: ostream, HTTP, gRPC, and more. It does not, however, provide a null implementation.

A null exporter is useful in test environments, where you just want to discard instrumentation data. The simple class below provides an implementation of a null span exporter.

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Impersonation in Laravel 10 with Sanctum

16th August, 2023

Impersonation is a useful tool: it allows an administrator to view the website as if they were logged in as another user, but without having to know their password. The Laravel documentation implies that you can do this using Auth::loginUsingId(), but you will find that this doesn’t work.

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Building Redis++ with CMake

14th June, 2023

Redis++ is the recommended C++ binding for connecting to a Redis server from a C++ application, however its build script is not entirely friendly towards CMake. It relies upon hiredis, but the make script expects it to already be compiled on the system.

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Fix VSCode spdlog.node: _ZSt28__throw_bad_array_new_lengthv: symbol not found

11th April, 2023

Upon updating Visual Studio Code, I found that several of my plugins no longer worked. The “Window” page in the “Output” tab showed the error “spdlog.node: _ZSt28__throw_bad_array_new_lengthv: symbol not found”. After some debugging I found out that this is due to a mismatch in the C standard library functions. The solution was to upgrade to Alpine 3.17.